A collection of sources to help the learner to create and/or improve a social media strategy.

Creating a social media strategy

A great introduction for complete beginners to creating a social media strategy. These are 7 simple steps to get you started.

This is a useful blog post for the learner to read before they begin to construct their social media strategy. It features tips from 10 successful social media experts.

A sample document of a social media strategy. Great for the learner to be able to see what a physical copy looks like and can be used as a template for their own.

This blog post features honest advice in the form of New Year's resolutions to marketers constructing a social media strategy. Great for the learner to make sure they are on the right track.


Now that the learner has created a social media strategy, they should read this blog post to make sure that they have actually created a strategy. This post lists what a strategy should NOT be as well as advice from experts on how to get it right.

A great blog post which features 7 questions to act as a checklist for the learner's social media strategy and to help ensure it will be effective.


Now the learner should be ready to implement their social media strategy. This is a useful blog post which goes through the 3 phases of a social media strategy offering great advice on connecting with customers and promoting.

This is great for the learner to help roll out their social media strategy as it provides a guide to six phases that should be completed over 6 months.


Now that the learner has implemented their social media strategy, it is essential that they integrate customer service into it as social media is increasingly becoming a popular channel for customers to contact a company about any issues they are having. This in depth blog post shows you how to do this. 

This post offers 5 advanced social media marketing strategies for the learner to consider including linking online and offline marketing.


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