A fantastic manual which is beautifully presented and offers a complete guide for beginners. Great for learners to continue to come back to as they go along as it has 10 chapters.

Free SEO report

To get the learner started, they can sign up and get a free SEO report for their website to see how they rank.

After getting the report the learner should then use this post to analyse their report which will simultaneously educate them on SEO.


10 simple tips for beginners to SEO.

An honest blog post which uses 7 harsh realities of SEO to offer advice to newbies. Great for learners to get their heard around how SEO works.

An unusual analogy in the form of a rapper to demonstrate how to succeed at SEO. Great for learners to have some fun learning as SEO can be a slightly dull subject!

Great advice from an SEO expert on how to rank on page 1 of Google search results. Great for learners from small businesses who are on a budget.


Great for learners see which tools to use to optimise their SEO without spending a lot of money.

Mistakes to avoid

Great for learners to read what SEO tactics NOT to do. 

An article which focuses on the worst SEO tactics which will have an adverse affect on your ranking. Great for learners to know what to avoid.



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