A collection of the best examples of Twitter marketing to use as inspiration.

Lists of top examples

Great for the learner to have a quick look at a compiled list of the best UK company Twitters to get an idea of how they interact and engage with customers.

Great for the learner to have a quick overview of specific successful campaigns on Twitter.

The learner can now begin to take notes on lessons to be learnt from 7 Twitter campaigns.

Individual case studies

This is great for the learner to watch an interview with the spokesperson of Southwest Airlines to hear how and why they interact the way they do on Twitter and other social media platforms.

An analysis with screenshots of how Four Seasons Hotels use Twitter including suggestions for improvement. Great for learners who want a quick look at Twitter marketing.

The learner can now see how a company can use Twitter not only for marketing- but also for great customer service.

This is useful for learners to take the next step and examine a case study on how to get thousands of followers.

This is an interview with the person in charge of social media at Network Solutions. Great for learners to see an example of a company Twitter strategy.


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