A collection of free Excel manuals, covering Excel from introductory level, to more advanced features. Free to use from Happy Ltd.

Free manuals to download

An IT training company, Happy Ltd makes all our courseware free to download in PDF format.

Here are manuals that cover the first three levels of Excel training. They start from a beginners level, and move to cover the more advanced features of Excel.


If you're new to Excel, and need a reference guide to help you on your way with all the basics, you can't do better than this.


If your already familiar with the basics of Excel (or are self taught) then both of our Intermediate level manuals will help you fill in the rest of the blanks. They cover more advanced features of Excel, such as pivot tables or "what if" scenarios. Very useful to look up and find specific help on specific features.


For those wanting to take their knowledge of Excel even further, to cover features such as creating advanced Range Names as LOOKUPS that work on more complex sets of data by using INDEX and MATCH as well as INDIRECT. 

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Please feel free to download and use for personal use. For more about using our manuals, you can visit www.happymanuals.co.uk

You can also purchase a license for non-personal use. For more information visit http://www.happymanuals.co.uk/licenses/license_info.asp



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